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Hey, I'm Gayle

I’ve been a NASM qualified personal trainer in NYC for the last 7 years and love what I do. I am a mom of four children (one in high school and 3 in their twenties). Being active has always helped me to connect with myself, process my emotions, and cope with life when it’s hard. Strength training has brought me a community of friends, a new confidence in my physical abilities, and it’s what keeps me young! I have a passion for connecting with others; and I believe that getting strong and learning new skills can be one of the many ways that we support our health and happiness. 

A few things about me...

My optimistic disposition usually allows me to find something wonderful in every moment. I can't help but see the beauty in every person which makes my fitness business very enjoyable work for me. I can barely wait for a free moment on the train to read. To me, books are friends and a great way to understand the human condition. I'm a fan of any expression of human creativity, especially live music, art, and food! And, of course, I love being outside!
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I can train you to be strong and confident in your body.

Whether I train you virtually or in person, I will motivate you, instruct you, and help you to develop skills necessary in order to perform key exercises with correct form and technique. You, too, can perform the skills in these videos and see your mind, body, and spirit change... inside AND out!


I have experience working with people of all ages and walks of life. From cancer support to prenatal personal training or working on balance and strength with your elderly mother, I have the skills and experience to guide you in a life of more and more health, strength, and wellness. 



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